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praia da laginha em pleno verão
praia da laginha em pleno verão
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Campo da Morte Lenta Tarrafal
Campo da Morte Lenta Tarrafal

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Tarrafal Beach  


Campo da Morte Lenta Tarrafal
Descrizione: Tarrafal Prison Camp (also known as Campo da Morte Lenta, the "Camp of the Slow Death") was a prison camp in Cape Verde, then a Portuguese colony, set up by the dictator António de Oliveira Salazar after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (1936), where opponents of his right-wing authoritarian regime were sent. At least 32 anarchists, communists, and other opponents of Salazar's regime died there. The camp was closed in 1954 but was re-opened in the 1970s to jail African leaders fighting Portuguese colonialism. In 2006, the World Monument Fund named Tarrafal one of its 100 watched monuments.
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